Dating Bill of Rights


I have the right…
  To ask for a date
  To refuse a date
  To suggest activities on a date
  To have my own feelings and to be able to express them


without fear
  To say I think my date’s information is wrong or their actions


are unfair or inappropriate.
  To ask someone not to interrupt me
  To have my limits and values respected
  To tell my date when I need affection
  To refuse affection
  To be heard
  To refuse to lend money
  To refuse sex with anyone just because they took me out on


an expensive date
  To refuse sex at any time for any reason


I have the responsibility…
  To communicate clearly and honestly
  To ask for help when I need it
  To be considerate
  To check my actions & decisions and determine whether they


are good for me or bad for me
  To set high goals